About iNgoma

iNgoma Private Limited is incorporated in Zimbabwe (registration no. 989/2010 ) trading as iNgoma Telecom, and registered as a Close Corporation and operating in South Africa (registration no. 2010/016079/23 ) offering specialist telecom and ICT solutions and services.

iNgoma Mission

iNgoma seeks to provide thought leadership to the continent through innovative and practical business solutions that address Africa's unique business challenges and empower the continent to actively participate in the global economy.

iNgoma Vision

Since the dawn of time, the sound of pounding drums ( ingoma ) has stirred up emotions and inspired excitement and passion across Africa.

From the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro to the valleys of the Congo basin, from the Horn of Africa to the Cape of Good Hope, from the sand dunes of the Sahara to the confluence of the Nile, from the thundering smoke of Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls) to the Great Pyramids of Giza -- the sound of the drum connects us all; it is our heritage, our African identity.

The drum signals marriage or birth in the village, invites villagers for a social gathering, celebrates the full moon or good harvests, it announces death or imminent danger from enemies … the drum is the common thread that binds Africa.

At iNgoma, we share the communication dream through effective business solutions and services that empower Africa.

iNgoma … in rhythm with Africa!

iNgoma L.E.A.D Ethos

L eadership – through innovative solutions

E mpowerment – through practical solutions

A ccess – make communication accessible to all

D evelopment – make technology a development enabler